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About JOI

Part of the ECCO international network of pr-agencies in 40 countries, JOI Communication has a global reach and long-established relations to media, influencers, lobbyists and target groups for you to tap into both domestically and for your international markets.

We build relations with people and organisations that most influence your long term growth.

How does your clients and the most important decision makers view you and your organisation’s brand?

Does your clients fully understand your business model and do they trust you as a supplier?

JOI Communication helps you to build the trust, clarity and visibility you need to reach your full business potential.

Founded 2002 as a full service agency, we have since delivered brand value and business growth for our clients in various sectors through media coverage and brand building events combined with digital activities in all channels.

Every activity is measured and our clients love to talk about the results of our work.

“JOI is your preferred partner when great media relations is crucial for your brand’s health”

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Hire JOI when internal resources and competency is scarce. We are an agile PR Agency with a proven track record and staffed with senior consultants.

Our clients can pinpoint the level of expertise needed for its projects through our bespoke and dedicated teams, teams who will produce sustainable strategies as well as implement and realise them hands-on.

When you hire JOI, you get access to our local and international network of specialists such as journalists, scientific experts, doctors, writers, filmmakers, designers, artists and more. Through ECCO, our global PR Network, we can assist your business all over the world.

Communication Strategies and Advisory

Many companies skip the time and effort needed when it comes to proactive strategy work and focus instead on activities, often with little or no positive effect. Based on our experience and industry data, JOI recommends a plan based on a thorough strategy in order to fully achieve a beneficial impact for your campaign or work.

When we create a communication strategy together with our clients, we explain in detail how to attain the goals with the plan. Subsequently, we start focusing on the more operative parts of the assignment, and advise regularly in order to catch both foreseen and unforeseen events than can be positive or negative for our client.

Media Relations

The degree of transparency and insight in today’s business life regarding firms and organisations are relatively high. Few moments pass without media’s attention and scrutiny. A small slip can lead to unwanted publicity. Competition for media bandwidth is tough, while the supply of new channels is increasing, thereby requiring updated competency in order to navigate in this new media landscape.

JOI helps you build relations with journalists, influencers and other opinion leaders. Good relations are essential in order to be able to influence the perception about what is going on in your company or organisation with regards to media coverage.



Media Training

“In a sudden moment, an unforeseen question from a media representative, a lack of judgement and coolness under pressure, and years of investment in public trust is immediately demolished.” It is a tough job to be able to deliver correct and balanced one-liners under pressure while being interviewed in radio or TV, or in a live debate.

JOI helps you formulate the message beforehand and practice delivering them under pressure in different types of settings and situations.

Outlook and Business Intelligence

Information is only valuable when it is relevant for better decision making. You therefore need a proven methodology for business intelligence in order to make it work. We regularly monitor traditional media as well as social media in matters relevant to our clients.

We conduct our work by both manual and digital tools in order to extract the relevant information and distribute the intelligence to the right person in your organisation. We combine our reporting with senior advisory and recommendations in order to support management decision making.

PR Activities and Events

We activate your strategies, from idea to execution, for example:

  • External and internal events
  • Press conferences
  • Press and influencers meet-up
  • Press-trips
  • Press-releases
  • Seminars/workshops
  • Exhibitions, activating your participation
Crisis Management

Every successful company will eventually experience a crisis of some sort, the question is not it, but when. A crisis comes unexpected, sudden and requires intensive attention from the organisation. A crisis puts a lot of pressure on those who manage it to communicate correct information in a swift manner. The crisis can affect people and trust in a negative way, create rumours and seriously damage your brand. A lot is a stake and JOI can make sure you are as prepared as one can be in the event of a crisis and support your organisation during the crisis-period and after.


That all communication is based on the terms of the recipient is an old truth that is still very valid today. JOI works with analysis and PR Planning in studying the target group in-depth to activate change. What drives them to think and act in a certain way and what will motivate them to change? The analysis gives us insights on which we base our work and methods in producing an idea that acts as a common denominator in all of your communication, messages, strategies and activities.

In-house channels

JOI helps to produce content in owned media channels such as:

  • Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Pods
  • Presentations
  • Websites
  • In-house magazines

Our Work

JOI Communication is proud of the work we do with our clients and we love challenging and learning from each other. Check out some of our work for clients, including results-driving campaigns and events.

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JOI in the loop



“Communication is key to realize the sustainable development goals (SDG’s) of UNs Agenda 2030”

The above quote is from guest speaker Ulrika Lyckman-Alnered, Deputy Director, Sustainable Business, Anti-corruption, Business and Human Rights at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs at the Online ECCO-conference on Friday the 26th of March. ECCO-members from all parts of the world met to discuss the impact of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), which are the seventeen goals that aims to make the world a better place by 2030 and was signed by all member states of the UN in 2015.   

How can communication play a part in realizing these ambitious goals in such pressing matters as poverty, climate and equality? There is of course a clear and obvious correlation between communication and action any way you look at it. If the decisions and resolutions shall matter and be more than just paperwork and pretty words there is a lot of work to be done. It will also be necessary to get the messages across and create a real impact. This will call for strategic and smart communication to win the hearts, minds and wallets of people and businesses.

Firstly, the awareness of the goals are not very high among the general populations around the world. Secondly, there is a great need for coherence between the private and the government sectors if there is to be the significant progress the goals suggests. To have any success, many different stakeholders need to come together and cooperate. This is a big task but the motivation to improve the lives of the many could not be better!

In the conference call, Ulrika guided the ECCO-members more in depth about the seventeen goals and broke them down into indicators and how they can be interpreted. She shared some examples from companies that have started to implement these sustainable development goals (SDGs), for example, the Swedish state-owned energy giant Vattenfall.

In the discussion afterwards, it became clear that awareness of the SDG’s was quite different between the countries that participated in the call. We also concluded that some of our clients have come further in adapting the SDG’s and even make use of them in their sustainable profiles.

We all like to extend a warm thanks to our guest speaker and her effort to shed light on the foundations and progress of Sustainable Development Goals. And to our Swedish partner agency JOI Communication to organize the interesting and important dialogue on SDG’s and the significance of communications in obtaining them.

How can the ECCO-Network play a part as experts in communication and how can member agencies be of help to our clients in this matter? This discussion will continue at the ECCO-Network Spring Conference. So stay tuned! More will follow after the ECCO-conference in May.

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CEOs are underrepresented in social media

The international pr network ECCO has conducted an international survey of business leaders’ presence in social media. France comes first, followed by Norway and Australia. Swedish CEOs come first in 11th place. Hexagon’s CEO Ola Rollén spans the Swedish Twitter list, but overall, few Swedish CEOs are active in social media. Corporate executives in the United States have by far the most social media audience.