Byggsandra helps Bjelin flooring find homes

Byggsandra helps Bjelin flooring find homes

One hundred and fifty home-owners competed for professional help from Byggsandra and flooring experts from Bjelin and Golvkedjan in their quest for the right flooring in #golvsökerhem (#floorseekinghome). The search went on in social media and old-fashioned contact ads in local newspapers. Watch when Byggsandra tells a family in Huddinge that she will help them find a new flooring. Byggsandras Instagram. 


Given that flooring is a rare commodity it is something out of the ordinary for people to buy new floors, therefore many seek expert advice and guidance before a purchase. Byggsandra takes us into Bjelins showroom and let’s us follow the renovation and learn more from Bjelins expert advices. We also get to follow the flooring installation done by professionals at Golvkedjan in the winners homes, one house and one apartment.  Watch the film here..


Bjelin worked on this project alongside influencer Byggsandra, or Sandra Mobaraki, as she is known in real life. Byggsandra is Sweden’s first female constructions influencer and has made a name for herself in the sector by utilizing inspiration as a tool to drive change in the industry. She initiated the award Women in Construction for a more equal construction industry.


Bjelin did not only gained positiv exposure in social media but also more dedicated followers in their own social media channels as well as new customers. All the contestants was gifted a discount on Bjelins flooring in the web-shop at


#Golvsökerhem was supported by Golvkedjan that took care of the installation of the floors at the homes of the winners. Golvkedjan is a construction chain owned by about fifty of the Sweden’s floor and tiling companies


Bjelin is part of a Swedish family owned company group with flooring factories in both in Sweden and Croatia. The founders of Bjelin invented the ground-breaking click flooring technology in the mid 90s and holds the global patent. The company group also owns the flooring production capabilities from innovation, testing  to the finished flooring product, which is unusual in the industry. Read more at

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